Colors Down

Colors Down it’s a memory puzzler where Master Mind meets Tetris. Memorize all the colors, link them before your time runs out and manage to create the perfect antidote.

Choose between 3 different game modes, and challenge your skill with multiple levels of difficulty!

Download it here


The Rift Cycles Experience

We made a partnership with The Arcade Man to bring this immersive experience to life, using the Oculus Rift and two replicas of the Light Cycles.



Slide & Score

We joined forces with the guys from Gearmind Studios to create an interesting and fun game in the style of Subbuteo (or button football).
The key features are:
– fun and easy to play football board game
– Perfect your skills against the computer or play against other players on the Internet
– Choose your type of game: football or futsal

Go ahead and download it here


Poker Dolls

Poker Dolls is a draw poker game with a spicy touch. Draw your cards and discover what the dolls have to offer…

(Coming soon…)